The Be Neighborly app makes it convenient and easy for you to purchase and donate bags of groceries that we deliver to the hunger relief organizations of your choice.

The Need

The truth about our hunger problem: 50 million Americans struggle with hunger, and vulnerable people (kids and the elderly) are affected the most. Not cool. Lines at food pantries have gotten longer over the past year due to changes in food stamp programs (SNAP) and other negative economic factors. As a result, more food and personal care items are needed to serve our neighbors in need. Ready to help?

Take Action

This is our opportunity to work together to help our neighbors in need! Using the Be Neighborly app, people can purchase and donate pre-filled grocery bags to the organizations of their choice. Whether as an individual or as part of a team, stocking the shelves of America's hunger relief organizations has never been easier! Be Neighborly takes the legwork out of the traditional food drive and puts the opportunity to help right there in the palm of your hand!

A Closer Look

Hunger affects 1 in 6 of our kids. Children from homes struggling with hunger are more likely to repeat a grade, have increased impairment in language and motor skills, and display greater social and behavioral problems. Imagine a community where every child goes to bed with a full belly!

When it comes to our grandparents, 5 million senior citizens (age 60+) face hunger. The most common reasons are fixed incomes, medical expenses, and limited mobility. Tia Walker commented, "To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors." Let's live into that!


We've taken this approach for some really good reasons:

  • Providing products that are consistently sized, shelf stable, and don't expire makes the job of sorting and shelving donations very easy for recipient hunger relief organizations.
  • Supplying products that support good nutrition contributes toward the health of those receiving food assistance. Did you know that chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure disproportionately affect people with low incomes? (Source: CardioSmart)
  • Supporting brands that care about our communities and our neighbors in need encourages them to do more. (Read: Nielsen's article Doing Well by Doing Good as a starting point)

Doesn't this make a lot of sense?


Using the Be Neighborly app is easy!

  • Start a team (work, faith-based, school, etc.), then invite your friends to join you and work together toward your goal. You decide which organization will benefit from your team’s efforts.
  • Join a team that someone else started.
  • Purchase and donate a grocery bag as an individual. You select the organization to which the grocery bag will be delivered.
  • Spread the word using social media to encourage your friends to Be Neighborly!

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